Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chicken Fit Wraps

OK, so we're a little obsessed with wraps lately. They are easy to assemble and freeze, great for grab and go, and best of all HEALTHY AND FILLING! I accidentally started eating all of Gabes breakfast wraps, so I figured I better make some dinner versions! Gabe and I both gives these 2 thumbs up. Seriously - they are good!

3 cooked shredded chicken breasts
1 can of mixed beans (3 bean blend, I bought the organic kind from fred meyer for $1)
1 small 14 oz can diced tomatoes
1 bag reduced fat mexican cheese blend (also at freds for $2 - its made with 2% milk)
2 bags of smart and delicious wraps - I bought tomato basil flavor
1/2 brick of greek yogurt cream cheese

In a large bowl, microwave cream cheese until soft. Drain beans and tomatoes very well (or your burrito will be runny) and stir together with cream cheese. Stir in bag of cheese and shredded chicken. ** Next time I will also add 1 cup of cooked brown rice

Fill wraps with filling and roll up in foil. Freeze.
To heat just defrost in microwave for 1 minute and toast in oven until the shell is crispy!

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