Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shrimp dip

My neighbor lindsay brought this over for me yesterday and I have been eating it nonstop ever since.

PS this recipe makes a ton!  We usually halve it, but do as you please!

3 blocks of softened Cream Cheese (or low fat kind)

3 ½ C Sour Cream  (Note a small container is 2 C)

1/8 tsp Ground Pepper

1 tsp    Salt

1 ½ tsp Garlic powder

1 ½ tsp Onion powder

1 tsp    Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp    Lemon juice

2 cans tiny shrimp, drained.

Make sure Cream Cheese is room temperature before blending it together with
the sour cream.  Add everything but the shrimp.  Blend thoroughly.  Add
additional seasoning to your taste.  Then add one can shrimp and blend with
mixer until it is broken up.  Then spoon in the final can of shrimp.

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