Sunday, August 29, 2010

making plum jam

My mom came to visit and brought plums to can! I'm so excited for the jam!
Here are step by step instructions.

before you start: have your jars & lids washed & ready to go. We used Costco peach jars and their original lids... my mom said you can reuse lids if the rubber seal is still good. So we did.

As you are starting the plums put the lids in a shallow pan of water on the stove and set the jars upside down on the lids so they can steam & get sterilized. Keep them on a low boil to keep them hot.

1. wash the plums
2. cut in half and take the pits out.
3. place plums in the blender for 1-2 minutes - until blended
4. in large plan heat plum mixture until boiling
5. add in sugar - equal cups for the number of cups of plums (we used 12 cups of plums and added in 12 cups of sugar).
6. bring plums & sugar to roiling boil.
7. boil for 1 minute for each cup of plums, since we had a double batch of 12 cups we added a couple of minutes so we boiled ours for 14 minutes.
8. test plums by stirring and holding up a spoon letting the jam drip back into the pan. It should slow down and start to thicken on the spoon.
9. over a cookie sheet place the hot jars and pour the hot jam directly into the jars; immediately place the lids tightly on.
10. Turn hot jars with jam and the lid tightly secured upside down on a towel.
11. turn over in 1/2 hour after they are sealed.
12. Done!

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