Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bobbin's Salmon Dip

Time to don your best red coat and get out your marching hands....because this little recipe will have you ready for tea time - in no time a'tall! Brought to you by the main soldier dancer herself: The Sherry Bobbins' Infamous Salmon Dip:

Cooked Salmon, seasoned to your taste and flaked with a fork
1 brick of Cream Cheese
Diced green onions
*Bacon is optional

Soften cream cheese to room temp and stir in salmon. Top with chopped onion and if you want - some bacon. This is all to taste, so if you like it fishier add in more fish. I usually like to make it more cheesier, onionier, and baconier. But thats just me. And are those even words?

Serve with small bread rounds, crackers, vegetables, bagels, or if you are alone and this is depression food, or chick flick food - a large spoon will do.